Fall 2018

September 21st

Macalester College

Smail Auditorium
in the
Olin Hall of Science

6:30 Buffet
7:30 Program

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Friday 6:30 PM
September 21st

Macalester College
Smail Auditorium - Lecture Room
Olin Hall of Science

Dr. Perry Hacket

Frontiers, Promises and Boundaries
with Genetic Science

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September 21st 2018:
R. Alan James

Director's Notes:.
Our Institute program this month may have begun in Scotland in 1797 with the birth of Charles Lyell who became a geologist and the writer of Principles Of Geology. Some assert that it was the seminal book on Geology, disrupting the ideas on how the earth was formed. This book was with Charles Darwin on board theBeagle, and Captain Fitzroy carried Lyell’s request for boulder samples from their explorations. Lyell’s influence was profound, and Charles understood(time/change) as foundation for his work The Origin Of The Species. Here was generated the spin off into biology, and the mutabili- ty of the species. (We will put aside for another time the Greek myths of Daedalus, Icarus and King Minos, and the wings attached for flying.) So in the nineteenth century science and Darwin wondered “what we have come from, and what we can yet become.” By the twentieth century J.B.S. Haldane and H.G. Wells pushed the subject (mutability) and by the mid century Rosalind Franklin discovered the double helix structure of D.N.A. James Watson and Francis Crick got the credit. The complete mapping of the DNA was accomplished in the 20th century, and here we are today...

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