Spring 2016

Friday April 15th

Macalester College

Smail Auditorium
Olin Rice Center

Buffet 6:30
Program 7:30

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April 15th
Macalester College
Board Room (Admissions Building)

Alan James & Calvin Roetzel

Theologians Of Consequence:
Reinhold Niebuhr The Influence of Niebuhr today.

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April 15th 2015:
R. Alan James

Director's Notes:.

It was only an incidental question, but we’ll pursue it, anyway. Last month we mentioned “virtues” as components from our civilization’s moral thesaurus. We were unsure of what are regarded as virtues, nor what former generations considered “Cardinal Virtues.” Aristotle and Plato regarded 1)prudence, 2)justice, 3)temperance and 4)courage as the four most desirable hu- man character traits.These are inscribed on the capitals of St. Paul Cathedral.To these four are appended the “theological virtues of ”Faith, Hope and Charity.” Virtues were once considered a basic pub- lic code of behavior and a curriculum for religious teaching, although countless catechetical questions and answers supplemented and elaborated mattes of behavior and belief..Formerly, they were the equivalent of a “multiplication table” you needed to know to pass the exam.
No longer!. Much has changed. In our time Reinhold Niebuhr has enlarged the perspective on what makes human beings moral and their societies just. We will explore how the moral curriculum for individuals and societies has been influenced by Niebuhr.

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