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January 29, 2010

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Macalester College
Board Room

Macalester College is at the intersection of Snelling Ave. and Grand Ave. in Saint Paul.


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January 29, 2010 - Seminar

Dr. Michael Andregg
The Causes of War

Special Performance:
Michael Antonello - Violin
Peter Arnstein - Piano

Dr. Michael Andregg left a career in medical genetics at the University of Minnesota to spend 23 years creating a book, “On the Causes of War” that won the 1999 National Peace Writing Award. There he discusses about 40 causes of war that recur so often in history they should not be ignored by serious scholars … but there is never time in public presentations to do more than mention that there are many causes. War is basically a social institution and a decision process, so people can go to war for any reason their hearts desire.

So the first thing he often does is hand out a one-page table of contents from that book that lists causes, to figure out which of those many causes seem most appropriate to the particular audience. For a religious group, Authoritarian Law and Militant Religion might appeal, for example, or “Forces of Evil” (whatever those are). He will not neglect the other “most important” causes of conflict on the earth that we observe today. But you cannot cover everything on this life-and-death topic without eating up discussion time. And discussion is where most of the best learning takes place.

So he is strict about limiting lecture to half of the time available at any venue, and discussion is usually most interesting from that point on. He still teaches at the University of Minnesota, courses on global problems related to war, and in the Justice and Peace Studies program at the University of St. Thomas.

Antonello and Arnstein. These two artists have combined for distinguished concerts, and each has achieved concert eminence in this country and abroad. Mr. Antonello has made numerous recordings in Europe over the past year. They have made numerous recordings which will also be available at this Institute Meeting.

From Minnesota. Michael Antonello trained at Curtis in Philadelphia and in Bloomington, Indiana with distinguished violinist Franco Gulli. Antonello was concertmaster of the Grand Rapids Symphony in Michigan and the Rochester Symphony in Minnesota, and has performed with the Minnesota Orchestra. ...a violinist who can...elicit tears, laughter, and a standing ovation. Peter Arnstein is a world renowned pianist and composer from Minnesota. He has often served as pianist and harpsichordist with the Minnesota Orchestra, and has accompanied many members of the Twin Cities two main orchestras and college music faculties. His compositions include more than a hundred chamber music works, hundreds of piano solos and duets, and music for orchestra and chorus.

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Director's Notes:
R. Alan James

The purpose and reasoning in this month's meeting:
The dynamics of conflict, war, security and national interests are complex. The conduct of war affects every one of us, not only in taxes, and psychic involvement (consider the obsession of national politics since Christmas) but in the attention, conversation, news coverage and inner anger of most citizens. This issue is not too complex for reasoning people to consider, nor is it an issue with which citizens need be indifferent nor helpless. Dr. Andregg and I have had long conversations on this matter, and I believe he can quicken our consciousness and conscience in an edifying fashion. I invite your participation.

An interdisciplinary agenda necessarily pays attention to many areas for enrichment of our lives. Aesthetics is absolutely essential to ethical and political considerations. Music has been a significant area of our program work from the beginning. We welcome again these premier artists and their generosity.